The information feeds for library products produced by Cantook are described in this capsule. However, considering the variety of licenses and the ways to interpret them, here is some information about:

  • the general approach for managing products meant for libraries;
  • the feeds in ONIX format used to transmit information about the library products;
  • the licenses generated by Cantook.

1. Generally speaking

Unless specifically stated otherwise, library products are distinct from general public products. They have specific <Product> entries in the ONIX feed and specific identification.

Our feeds give nominative information about the license applied to the product and about the setting for using the books resulting from the license. For certain licenses, the settings are fixed (and it’s up to the systems consuming the feeds to decide if they will process and store them); for other licenses, the settings may vary (in which case, it is mandatory to process them). We recommend always storing and processing the settings.

2. Description of the settings circulating in the feeds

The following settings are specific to products meant for libraries. For other metadata (bibliographical or commercial metadata), the same tags as in the general public products are applied.

Product identification


The product identification will always be in ProductIdentifier. All the products meant for libraries have an internal identifier, represented like this:














Certain products will also have an EAN (ISBN) represented like this:









 A product that has an EAN will therefore systematically have two identifiers. This also applies if a product has an EAN added to it along the way (which will be added as ProductIdentifier, but the internal identification will also remain present in the ONIX file, thereby resulting in two identifiers).


Library product

 The confirmation that the product is indeed meant for libraries is found in two tags.

  • ProductForm. The EB, EC and ED values apply to the products for libraries. For example:

  • PublishingDetail/SalesRestriction. The SalesRestrictionType must be 06 (For sale to libraries only; not for sale through retail trade).












License used


The name of the license used, if applicable, is found in the tag ProductFormFeature/ProductFormFeatureDescription. For example, in the SOGANEL license, we get:











Lending and consultation rights

 Information about the lending and consultation rights can be found in the EpubUsageConstraint block, and each right is represented by an EpubUsageLimit block. Here is an ONIX extract containing references to the 5 types of lending and consultation rights handled by Cantook. For clarity’s sake, only the values of the Quantity tags can vary; the other values correspond to choices in the ONIX list codes.










<Quantity>59</Quantity> Maximum loan duration in days








<Quantity>10</Quantity> Usage limit of the copy – In number of loans








<Quantity>5</Quantity> Simultaneous loans
















<Quantity>20</Quantity> Usage limit of the copy – in days
















<Quantity>9</Quantity> On-site simultanous consultations 







Simultaneous loans


Corresponds to the maximum number of chronodegradable licenses that may be made simultaneously for one purchased product.


Usage limit of the offer – in number of loans


Number of times the publication may be lent out in total (after this number of loans, the copy will be deactivated).


Usage limit of the offer – in days


Number of days during which a copy may be lent out, calculated starting from its purchase date, regardless of the number of loans made or their duration (after this time limit, the copy will be deactivated).


Maximum loan duration


Maximum duration for each loan, in days.


On-site simultaneous consultations


Number of streaming consultations taking place on the physical site of the library, which may be made simultaneously.


Interpretation of consulting and borrowing rights


The consultation and borrowing rights must be interpreted according to the terms of the license being used. As an example, if the product has limitations to the usage term both in number of loans and number of days, you must refer to the license used to find out if the copy will expire during the first or second time limit.



Relations with other products


The library product contains references to other varieties of the same title in the RelatedMaterial section.




The relation to the general public product for the same title, in the same format, is indicated in the RelatedMaterial/RelatedProduct group, where the ProductRelationCode is 31 (and for additional information, the general public product will also contain a reference to the library product, indicated by the same ProductRelationCode).


The relation to another product for libraries, for the same title, in a different format, is indicated in the RelatedMaterial/RelatedProduct group where the ProductRelationCode is 06.


The relation to the original book in paper format is indicated in the RelatedMaterial/RelatedProduct group where the ProductRelationCode is 13.


 The ONIX structure used for the related products in the RelatedMaterial component is documented here.



Documentation of the ONIX feed for library products


The exhaustive documentation for tags specific to library products in the ONIX feed generated by Cantook is available here.



3. References to licenses generated by Cantook


SOGANEL (Quebec)


The settings of the SOGANEL license are defined here:


Cantook will transmit the “SOGANEL” value as a license name. The SOGANEL license normally allows loans and usage appropriate for the license (number of simultaneous loans, usage limits for the offer in number of loans) in addition to its name.


Dimédia (Quebec and Europe)


Cantook will transmit the “DIMEDIA” as a license name.


More information is coming.


PNB 04 (Europe)


The Digital Library Lending project is described here:


Cantook will transmit the “PNBONLINE04” value as a license name. The PNB 04 license allows variable usage settings from one product to another. Cantook will therefore transmit the values for each of the lending and usage rights that are applied to the product.