To set up a promotional price, please proceed the following way:

 1.  Check that the publication...

  • is online : under Publications, the publication's icon must be green,
  • is valid : under Overview / Validations, make sure that every check is valid.

     2.  Keep the current price (without applying an end date):


    Move to the publication's Metadata/Sales/Prices section. The current price is indicated with a green background colour. Do not apply an end date to that price: it will become active again after the promotion.


     3.  Add the promotional price:

    • Click on Add;
    • Select the currency on which you want to add a promotional price (the related countries will be displayed);
    • Enter the new amount;
    • Enter the promotion start date under Starts on *;
    • Enter the promotion end date under Ends on *;
    • Click on Save.

    * Dates are inclusive, all-day (from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59).

    Thereby, in the publication's Metadata/Sales/Prices section, you will notice a line with a green background color for the active price and a new line with a blue background colour for the future promotional price.

    Example : 

    In the following example, the promotion starts on 22-06-2016 and ends on 29-06-2016 inclusive.