The “Deliveries” Tab Is Now Named “Cantook Courrier”

Those of you who are subscribed to the Cantook Courrier service have probably noticed that the “Deliveries” tab in your Publisher account has been renamed “Cantook Courrier.” The name has simply been changed to the Cantook Courrier brand. No additional modifications have been made; it’s still the same great marketing service that allows you to send free/promotional or paid copies of ebooks to your contacts.

Website :

If you would like to learn more about Cantook Courrier or if you would like to subscribe to the service, please contact Marie-Hélène Métivier at

Apple Sets New Maximum Image Size For EPUB Files


According to new specifications released by Apple, images included in EPUB filesdestined for sale on the iBookstore cannot be larger than 4 million pixels in size
This does not apply to cover pages, whose specifications remain unchanged. As always, the shorter side of the image must be at least 1400 pixels. 

For more information about Apple’s specifications, please feel free to contact our technical support team at