This documentation describes how to add a dynamic link to Cantook's flipbook, from your web site.

Please note that a basic knowledge of HTML is required. A good knowledge of CSS is also an asset to make the most of the page layout options. 

To integrate sales and download features, please see the API documentation.

1: Connection to the Platform

First, your site must connect to your Cantook platform. To do this, simply place the following code at the end of each page containing one or more of your publications. Make sure you place the code just before the </body> tag, and never add it to the same page more than once, even if the page contains more than one publication.

<script type="text/javascript"


Key Mandatory Description
platform Yes The domain of the Cantook platform you're using. For example:,,,
Your company number on the Platform. This number is given to you upon request.
language No
Data display language. You can choose between "fr" (French) (default) or "en"  (English). 

2: Identify Publications and Display the Flipbook

Now that your pages are connected to the platform, your pages muse provide a placeholder where the link to the Cantook Flipbook will be displayed (if it is available for the identified publication). To do this, copy the following lines:

<div id="[platform_code]-wrap-[publication_id]" class="[platform_code]-wrap"><div class="flipbook-text">[Browse]</div></div>


Key Mandatory Description
platform_code Yes The 4 letter code describing your Platform. For example: enqc, cant, eden, edgt
EAN or ISBN13 of the publication. The identifier does not have to include "-". ISBN10s are not accepted.
[Browse] No
Replace by any text value or image, where the link will be applied. You can apply any styling to this content. In the previous example, the link will be applied to the "Browse" text.