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Cantook Courrier is designed for batch sending of publications to facilitate promotional campaigns and bundling offers.

Step 1: Specify Your Outgoing Email Address

Before creating your first delivery, be sure that you have added a Sender email address for your outgoing emails. You will find this in the  Profile / Metadata / Communication section.

Cantook courrier uses Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES) for bulk and transactional emailing. When you add your outgoing address, you will receive an email (from Amazon SES) click on the appropriate link received in the confirmation email and your account will be activated.

Step 2: Add A Delivery

All your group shipments, whether they be promotional or sales related, can be found in the Market section, under the Deliveries tab.

Click on Add.


Select the status of your delivery:

  • Use the "Free" option to ship complimentary or promotional copies.

  • The "Paying" option allows you to ship one or several titles at a fixed price.


Step 3: Enter Settings


To learn how to batch send several titles at once, click here

The "Display" option will provide you with  a preview of what your Delivery email will look like.

Step 4: Broadcast

Access Codes Distribution

Assign an access code for each recipient. You can use these codes for different deliveries on various supports (such as in print, or on the Web).

Use "Promtional Copy" if the recipient's email address is not available. You can also add your organization name and email. Please note that your organization's name will be displayed in the downloaded title's watermark.

Email Distribution

Monitor Results