It is impossible to change the ISBN for a publication.

It is of a great importance to be vigilant when entering the ISBN.

It is impossible to make any changes to the ISBN, once entred and saved. They are the permanent link with all of systems that are connected to the platform (particually bookstores and other retailers).

Once a publication is put online (even for a few minutes), the flow of informations is instantly sent to the stores'systems and it becomes impossible to make any changes to the ISBN.

In case of a serious error, backup solutions might be available in one of the following situations :

  • The publication has never been put online, please contact us, it is possible to change the ISBN.
  • The publication has been put online, but it has not yet been sold, put it offline and create a new form for the same publication including the right ISBN.
  • The publication has already been sold at least once, it is impossible to make a change. You are requested to communicate with us, so that we analyze the situation.