What is it?

The fixed layout ePub format is a variant of the ePub standard which leaves typographical enhancements unchanged. It presents each book page as an image that can be animated or static. It is often used for books highly illustrated, and / or containing multimedia elements. This format is ideal for children's books, cookbooks and art books.

Which devices read this format?

The fixed layout ePub format is only read by some eReading applications. Only a few devices currently allow playback, such as iPad, iPhone, some models of the Kindle and the Kobo ...

How to upload it to the platform?

Two choices are available: 

1. Upload the file in section Metadata / Formats under the ePub tab.

Note 1 : If the check box Fixed layout is not checked, after having uploaded such a file, you can tick it manually. In the case of an upload of a regular ePub, it should remain unchecked.

Note 2 : The function of the box Fixed layout applies only to new publications. If you have already filed fixed layout ePub files, tick manually in the form of each publication.

If you select this type of upload, we recommend adding a mention in the section Metadata / Description in the fields Summary to inform readers that the files can not be read in some eReading applications.

2. Upload the file in the section Metadata / Formats under the Alternates tab.


If you select this type of upload, it is not necessary to add an entry in the section Metadata / Description / Summary. iBookstore places the file in the right category automalically.

Note : In case you have two ePub files for the same title (a regular version and a fixed layout one), you are invited to submit a version under each tab. Thus, the regular version will be on sale in all bookstores and the fixed layout version will be available on Apple iBookstore.

How is it put on sale?

Once the fixed layout ePub file is detected by the platform, booksellers automatically receive the information through their data feed. Thus, the bookstore will adequately present the book to readers, if their systems allow it.