When you are treating several publications at the same time, it is possible to use batch management offered on the Platform. For example, you can download a list of your publications in Excel format, set as online / offline publications or proceed to send a portion - or your entire catalog - to external partners. This guide will help you in making your operations to a batch of publications.

Access to batch processing

Batch processing is available under Publications Batch management. Available operations are listed and you simply need to select wich one you want.

Step 1: Select the operation to perform

Step 2 : Selecting publications


05-E_toile.jpg New! Creating a batch from a list of ISBNs

A new option on the Platform let you create a batch based on a list of ISBNs. This comes handy if you wish, for example, to send only a collection to an external partner or put only your new titles online.

Step 3 : Confirming operation