Screen shot 2012-08-20 at 14.59.44.png5.4. Publications / Metadata

Metadata is what describes a publication. It also allows publications to be highlighted online (showcase sites, bookseller sites, publisher sites, etc.). Metadata can be changed at all times and saved changes are effective right away.

Fields that must be completed:

  • Title (*)
  • Subtitle (if applicable)
  • Title for sorting. Example: « White Skin (The) »
  • Prefix (if applicable)
  • Summary (*)
  • Presentation
  • Comments: details about the target audience, quote and source of a review, any other specific details
  • Full text
  • Languages (*)
  • Website (of the publication)

* Most important information


Screen shot 2012-08-20 at 14.59.14.png

5.4.1. Publications / Metadata / Description & Formats

Screen shot 2012-08-20 at 14.59.23.png

Note : Enter the ISBN and publication date of the paper format. This allows booksellers to offer an electronic excerpt and allows to associate the paper format to its different electronic formats. This information is required by certain resellers.

5.4.2. Publications / Metadata / Contributors

You can associate the names of contributors to a publication.

Screen shot 2012-08-20 at 14.59.44.png Publications / Metadata / Sales / Price

The "Sales" tab allows you to make a publication available for sale.It is possible to upload a publication solely for browsing, without making it available for sale.

Screen shot 2012-08-20 at 14.59.44.png

Note : Note that the prices must be indicated in Euros, inclusive of all taxes. Publications / Metadata / Sales / Availability

If you want to release your publication for sale, schedule its launch in this section. It is imperative that you indicate the date of availability for sale, if you wish your publication to be sold in bookstores.

Note : If the date of release for sale is later than the current date, the button will remain red until the scheduled release date.

5.4.4. Publications / Metadata / Chapters and pages

Some of the information provided in this section is automatically generated from the PDF file that you upload to the platform. Publications / Metadata / Chapters and pages / Table of contents

A publication's table of contents is automatically extracted from the publication's PDF file (using bookmarks).

About the table of contents:

  • The table of contents can be viewed in the excerpt and by users that have bought the publication.
  • Every time you upload a PDF file, the table of contents is extracted and the new information overwrites the previous table of contents data.
  • It is therefore recommended to always keep the table of contents up to date directly in PDF files, so that if new versions must be uploaded the extracted table of contents will always be accurate. Publications / Metadata / Chapters and pages / Pages

If you want the page numbering in the browser’s table of contents to follow the printed page numbers in the file (meaning the pages of the hard copy), you can indicate how many non-paginated pages and how many numbered with roman numerals there are at the beginning of the publication. The page numbering of the publication itself is automatically extracted from the PDF file. Publications / Metadata / Chapters and pages / Relations

If you are selling your publication by chapter, you can go to this section (in the full publication page) to create the chapter links. The points of sale will receive this information and will be able to display it.

5.4.5. Publications / Metadata / Security Publications / Metadata / Security (PDF - ePub)

Watermarking :

Text inserted on the pages of each publication sold.

It includes the name of the end-customer, date of purchase, transaction and user numbers, and ID of the dealer who made the sale. 
The watermark is found on:

  • The first page
  • The last page
  • 14 random pages inside the book.



Adobe Content Server 4 (ACS4) protection is a form of Digital Rights Management (DRM), or digital security mechanism, that associates the file to a single user.
The user must own the Adobe Digital Editions software, and create an Adobe ID account (both are free of charge). Once the file is associated to an Adobe ID, it cannot be transferred to another device activated via another account. It is possible to create up to 6 copies on different devices, as long as they are activated via a single Adobe ID.

  • Some devices are not compatible with ACS4 DRM.
  • There is a fee for publishers associated with the use of ACS4 DRM.
  • Some bookstores refuse to sell publications protected by DRM. : Publications / Metadata / Security / Flipbook - Excerpt


5.4.6. Publications / Metadata / Classification

You can classify your publications using different methods.

5.4.7. Section Publications / Metadata / Medias

You can improve the presentation of your publication by adding related media (media are public files which are downloadable for free without protection, linked to the publication)

Note : The first page of your PDF file (if you have uploaded a PDF) is automatically saved as an image and is provided to the libraries to be used as a cover page.

This image is also used in the Overview of the Digital Warehouse as the cover page image.

If you save your own cover page image in the Media section, that image will be used in place of the first page of the PDF file.

5.4.8. Publications Section - Notes

In summary, note that the following data is generated automatically from an uploaded PDF file:

  • The excerpt (along with its default protection)
  • The table of contents (from the file's bookmarks)
  • The number of pages
  • The cover page, as a jpeg image
  • The back cover page, as a jpeg image (if you have requested it.

In addition, this information must be provided to allow a publication to be put on sale:

  • Title
  • Summary
  • Language
  • Author
  • A unique ISBN, different from the one attributed to the paper format, for each digital format on sale
  • A well-configured digital protection (default: watermark)
  • A sale price for each format (even the paper format), for each country where the publication is to be sold
  • The publication must also be "Available for sale" and "Online".


It is also appropriate to add the following data:

  • A classification (at least BISAC and CLIL)
  • Keywords, for better indexing
  • The publishing date of each format

Before putting a publication online, make sure that:

  • The security of the browsing excerpt is well configured
  • The security of the publication itself is well configured (ACS4 or watermark)
  • You must either accept the default security settings or configure them to your liking.Il est aussi intéressant d'ajouter les données suivantes: