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1Add Content

2Put publications up for sale

3Communicate and Secure it


 Add a publication:

puce.jpg Adding several publications


puce.jpg Add prices


puce.jpg Provide the date of availability


puce.jpg Put online


puce.jpg Add the Table of Contents:

puce.jpg Secure it: Watermak ou ACS4?

puce.jpg Publish and Extract:

puce.jpg Provide Classifications

puce.jpg Add Media:


1. Add Content

2. Put publications up for sale

3. Communicate and Secure it

Add a publication

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Fill out the description

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Add a PDF

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Some advices for setting up the PDF file.

A PDF may only be added to allow the display of the flipbook

Add an ePub

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Suggestions for creating ePub files...

Add information about the paper version

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These informations allow for linking the information about the paper version of the publication solde by traditional bookstores. They are also important for libraries so they can manage loans.

Add an enriched ePub and / or Mobi file

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Information about contibutors

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Adding several publications 

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To add several publications at the same time, read this document

1. Add Content

2. Put publications up for sale

3. Communicate and Secure it

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Three steps are necessary to put publications up for sale:

  1. Add prices.
  2. Provide the date of availability.
  3. Put online.

Step 1. Add prices

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Note 1 : Note that prices in Euros must be provided with all taxes included.

Note 2 : Note that every price you add is automatically sent to all retail outlets you have opened, except for Apple, which imposes specific conditions. Without these, publications will not be sold through the Apple iBookstore.


Apple specifics


  • Make sure that Apple prices abide by the conditions defined by the contract.
  • If a paper version of the publication exists, add the price for the paper version. This will allow Apple to verify its pricing conditions.

Step 2. Provide the date of Availability

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Note : If the date of availability is later than today’s date, the button will remain red until the scheduled date.

434.png Good to know

If the publication added has a date of publication in the future, keep it Unavailable (with a red circle).

Step 3. Put oline

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Change a publication from Offline to Online in one click.

This operation will allow for the sending of the publication to all retailers already open, including external partners, when the automatic sending settings have been activated.

1. Add Content

2. Put publications up for sale

3. Communicate and Secure it

Add the Table of Contents

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The Chapter and Pages section allows you to see the table of contents. Most fields are filled out automatically after uploading a PDF file.

The Chapitres and pages / Table of contents section

The table of contents is automatically extracted from the PDF file if you have created bookmarks in it. Refer to the guide about creating PDF files.


434.png Good to know
  • The table of contents can be seen in the flipbook.
  • Each PDF file uploaded creates a new extraction of the table of contents and deletes the items in the previous table of contents.
  • Therefore, it is preferable to keep the table of contents updated through bookmarks in the PDF file. This way, if the PDF file needs to be replaced, the version extracted will be the correct one.
  • The table of contents can also be used to divide chapters in a book (for instance, to make a chapter browsable or unbrowsable in a single click).

The Chapitres and pages / Pages section

If you wish page numbers in the flipbook table of contents to be the same as those printed in the file (the pages in the paper book), you can indicate how many non-paginated pages and pages in roman numerals are found at the beginning of the publication. The number of pages in the publication is automatically obtained from the PDF file.

Secure it: Watermark ou ACS4 ?

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Good to know



Text added to each publication sold.

It includes the name of the end customer, the purchase date, the transaction and user number, and the identifier of the merchant that made the sale. 
The watermark is placed on:

  • The first page
  • The last page
  • 14 random pages in the book.

To find out more about Watermark.

ACS4 (Adobe Content Server 4) protection is a type of DRM (Digital Rights Management) or digital lock that links a file to a single user. The user must have the Adobe Digital Editions software and create an Abode ID account (both are free). Once the file has been linked to an Adobe ID, it may not be transferred to any other peripheral activated with a different account. It is possible to make a maximum of 6 copies on different peripherals, always using a single Adobe ID account.

  • Some types of reading media are not compatible with ACS4 DRM.

  • A cost is associated to the use of DRM4 for editors.

  • Some bookstores refuse to sell publications protected by DRM.

Publish an Extract

From the PDF

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When you add a PDF, the Flipbook tool is activated. Configure it to choose which pages to show or hide.

To find out more about Flipbook.

434.png Good to know

If the computer used to browse a publication is connected to your personal account, the publication will be browsable in its entirety. 
If you wish to test browsing the sample, log out from the platform on the computer.

From the ePub file

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Uploading an ePub file does not automatically generate an extract. If you wish to make an extract available in ePub format, you need to produce it.This file must conform to the same requirements as ePub files for complete publications. Afterwards, place it in the Media section.

Some external partners, such as Apple and Amazon, automatically generate an extract for each ePub file uploaded to their system.

Provide Classifications

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The information included in these fields will help readers find publications through different search engines.

Different classification possibilities are available.


  • Keywords to link terms to your publication to facilitate searching for it, separated by semicolons.

  • BISAC is a renowned international book classification system. It is mandatory to fill this out if you wish to sell your books through some bookstores such as Feedbooks, Kobo and Apple.

  • CLIL: French classification system.

  • Dewey: Canadian classification system used mostly by libraries (optional).

  • Electre: BTLF classification system (optional).

  Apple specifics
 logo-apple.png pub-add-class-bisac-apple.png

Add Media

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Add the main cover

The first page of your PDF file (if you uploaded a PDF file) is automatically extracted as an image and provided to bookstores so they may use it as a cover page.

This image is also used in the Overview, as the cover page image.

 If you upload your own cover page image in the Media section, this image will be used instead of the first page of the PDF file.

 If you only upload an ePub file, the cover page will be automatically added to Media.


Apple specifics


A cover page image in high resolution must be placed in MediaThe shortest side of this image must have a minimum of 1400 pixels.

The image of the cover page within an ePub file must not be larger than 2 million pixels, as well as all images in the ePub file.

How to replace the image of the cover page in Media.

Add other media

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Improve the presentation of your publication by adding relevant media:

  • Media files are public, freely downloadable without protection and associated to the publication
  • Media can include all sorts of files (pdf, mp3, wav, mov, jpeg, etc.)
  • Each media item can be selected from your computer or obtained from a hyperlink.