Here is a list of things to check to make sure that your publications are properly channelled to various booksellers.

Preparing Files

  • Make sure your files are adapted to the format required by the platform. For PDF files, follow the instructions in the guide Setting up PDF files and for ePub, they must pass validation ePubCheck version 1.1. 
  • The files should not be protected, nor contain attached files; 
  • The front and back covers, and the content should be grouped into a single file. 
  • The images are 150 dpi in RGB mode without jpeg2000 compression
  • You must have different identification numbers for each format sold (an ISBN for paper ISBN, one for PDF, and one for ePub)
  •  You'll have to decide on the type of protection best suited to your organization: Watermark or DRM.

Manual creation of publications

  • Create a new publication (Publications-> Add).
  • Enter the publication name and save.
  • Select the file (PDF or ePub) to import.
  • Assign an identification number (ISBN, EAN) for each unique format.
  • Save the changes and go to the Document metadatasection.

Batch import of publications

  • You must provide a zip file containing the files (PDF or ePub) and their metadata (Onix or XML format)
  • Alternatively, you can put the metadata in an Excel file and use our csv2xml converter to import your publications. See Document metadatabelow
  • Please contact us in order to find the best way to batch import your files

Document metadata

When you browse in a publication, you quickly realize that there is a multitude of metadata that is possible to document. Do not worry, they are not all required, and some are applicable only on rare occasions. We encourage publishers to document a maximum amount of metadata to help booksellers to promote books or their classification. You will find in the sections below, groups of metadata, by type of use you would like to have. At a minimum, you should document Required metadata and Essential metadata for sale.

Required metadata

  • The actual file (PDF or ePub)
  • Unique identification number (ISBN, EAN ...)
  • Title

Essential metadata for sale

  • All metadata required, plus:
  • The sale price for each countries of interest
  • Name of author
  • Summary
  • Protection (ACS4, watermark)

Metadata required for the Apple iBookstore (user guide)

  • All metadata required, plus:
  • EPub file only, no workbook
  • At least one BISAC classification 
  • Language
  • Number of pages
  • The publication date for both the ePub format AND the paper format
  • The selling price on the iBookstore, according to Apple's pricing table
  • The title exactly as it appears on the cover
  • Must pass the iBookstore validation in your account
  • No price should appear on the cover *
  • Cover art must be cropped flat, without any effects or spine view *
  • All images must be in the RGB mode (no CMYK) *
  • epub files must pass epubcheck 1.1 or 1.2 validation
  • All characters in the URIs must be valid with non-alphanumeric characters properly encoded
  • All files included in EPUBs must be listed in the EPUB manifest (OPF file)
  • Only UTF-8 and UTF-16 encodings are allowed in EPUBs.

* Caution : if, for any reason your cover needs to be changed, make sure you upload the new version in the Medias section of the publication's metadata. It must also be the same in the epub, as Apple checks both files. Please note that, by default the Platform extract the cover from the PDF file, and it is that version that is sent to Apple.

Metadata required for Blio (user guide)

  • All metadata required, plus:
  • At least one BISAC classification *
    • Up to a maximum of 3 BISAC subject are accepted
    • Do not use a fiction and a non-fiction code for the same publication
    • Avoid adding only generic classification if possible
  • The audience, if the BISAC classification is Juvenile (JUV-JNF)
    • 005: 0-3 years old
    • 006: 3 years and up
    • 007: 6 years and up
    • 008: 9 years and up
    • 009: 13 years and up
  • Language
  • Contributors
    • Authors are required for fiction books
  • The publication date of each format
  • The selling price for each format, including country and currency
  • All files must pass the Blio validation in your account

For a bookseller to sell your publications, you must ensure...

  • ... That your organization profile is active with online sales
  • ... That you have set your country of interest to find bookstores in these countries
  • ... That you have sought agreements with booksellers offering sales
  • ... That these booksellers have accepted your requests
  • ... That your publications are online and available for sale
  • ... That a price has been documented for each of your countries of interest
  • ... That a price has been documented for each format you sell (PDF, paper, or ePub)