This guide allows for electronic publications in PDF and ePub formats, as well as associated metadata and image, audio and video files to be integrated on the Platform. This guide deals with the addition of new files and the modification of files and information already present on the platform.

1 : Procedure for Importing Files and Metadata

To import your publications and metadata to the platform, we recommend proceeding in the following manner:

  1. The publisher authenticates him/herself on the system
  2. He/she selects "Publications" in the menu bar
  3. Publications" section, "Import" option - "Select
  4. By a simple form, he/she submits a ZIP file of publications and metadata for this publishing house.

1.1 : Addition or Modification (Under Development)

When an XML file is sent, the system verifies is the ISBN/EAN of the publication already exists in the editor's account on the of the Platform. If the publication is not already listed on the platform, it is automatically added along with all the associated metadata described in the XML file. However, if the publication is found in the editor's account to which the import is directed, the system will replace the metadata with that found in the new XML / ZIP file. Note that an empty tag in the XML will cause the system to DELETE the related information present on the Platform. Tags that should not be deleted are not required to be in the XML file for import. Also, it is possible to put publications that have presumably been added to the platform with others which are being modified in the same XML file.

1.2 : ZIP File Structure

The ZIP file must include:

  1. An XML file (described in section 3) that can contain the information on several publications in several different electronic formats. This XML file, which must be placed at the root of the ZIP file, must be called: publications.xml.
  2. A directory identified for each publication in the XML, containing the PDF and / or ePub files, and additional files (media). This directory is identified by a reference number (see the field reference_no) and all the elements of the publication are included in this directory.
  3. The PDF and ePub files placed in this directory must be named in the following manner: " [reference_no]/publication.pdf, [reference_no]/publication.epub ".

2 : Confirmation and Conflict Management

While importing your ZIP files to the the Platform, you can observe the management of the operations and conversions in the tasks section of your client space. All of these tasks are carried out in a processing queue, so you can continue to work as soon as the downloading of your zip file is complete. The management of conflicts is displayed and an error correction system warns you of any difficulty encountered during the import.

3 : Description of XML File Tags

You will find, below, a description of each of the available tags.

Key Description
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> XML file heading
<publications> Main tag, regrouping all <publication> below.
<publication> One publication
<reference_no> Required information. Corresponds exactly to the name of the directory containing the files attached to the publication. Can be named according to the user's preference.
<publisher> Publisher name. Required only if importing from the distributor's account.
<publisher_id> Id of publisher on the Platform. Required only if importing from the distributor's account.
  <main> Publication title
  <sortable> Title for sorting (postposed definite article)
  <prefix> Prefix
  <prefix_no> Prefix part number
  <subtitle> Subtitle
<summary> Publication summary
<comments> Comments
<presentation> Additional presentation
<tags> Keywords separated with semicolons (";")
<language> Publication language. Use ISO 639-1 format (fr, en, zh)
<translated_from> Original language, ISO 639-1 format (fr, en, zh)
<original_text> Set value to 1 if unabridged version
<parent_publicaton> ISBN of the parent publication in the case of parent-child relation
<website> Website associated to publication
  <min> Reader's minimum age
  <max> Reader's maximum age
  <roman> Number of pages with Roman numeral page numbers at start of publication
  <blank> Number of pages without page numbers at start of publication. Ex: 2, if cover 1 and 2 do not have page numbers.
<nbr_pages> Number of pages in the publication
<pages_unlocked> Pages that are accessible to the general public. Format "1-6 ; 45 ; 18-22"
<chapters_unlocked> Chapters that are accessible to the general public. The chapters are created based on the PDF's table of contents. Format "1-6 ; 45 ; 18-22"
  <main_subject> Determine if the classification subject is the publication's primary subject. Possible values: True, False
  <standard> Name of classification standard. Possible values: BISAC, CLIL, Default, Dewey, Electre
  <code> Unique code defining classification subject
    <title> Collection title
    <title_sort> Title for collection sorting (postposed definite article)
  <nature> Nature of the collection. Possible value: collection, series, volume
  <position> Position in the collection. Example: 2 for the second volume out of 3
  <position> The position of this contributor in the list
  <first_name> Contributor's first name
  <last_name> Contributor name. If the name cannot be separated into first name/last name, leave the contributor.first_name field empty and use only this field
  <nature> Type of contribution provided. Possible value: author, composer, editor, illustrator, narrator, photograph, popstface_writer, preface_writer, translator
  <country> Contributor's country. ISO 3166-1 Alpha-3 
  <biography> Contributor's biography
  <website> Contributor's web site
  <facebook> Contributor's Facebook page (URL)
  <twitter> Contributor's Twitter Feed (URL)
  <photo> Name of file for the contributor's picture
  <external_id> Gencod or external identifier
  <title> Media title
  <source> Media origin (file or web link). Possible value: File, URL
  <path> Filename in the directory declared by «reference_no» or external url
  <nature> Media type. Possible value: back_cover, contributor_interview, cover_other, feature_article, front_cover, press_release, review, sample_content, teacher_guide, trailer
  <other> Media description
  <nature> Available format name. Possible value: paper, PDF, ePub, audio, flipbook
  <key_type> Identifier type. Possible value: EAN, ISBN, ISSN, Custom
  <value> ID number. Example: 9780123456789
 <publishing_status>  Publishing Status of the format :
02 : Forthcoming
04 : Active
08 : Inactive
  <state> Format status. Possible value: disabled, view, sell
  <image_only> Set value to 1 if PDF or ePub has been created from images only
  <issued_on> Release date in the format YYYYMMDD (20090322)
  <start_sale_at> Date of availability for sale format YYYYMMDD (20090322)
  <protection> Protection to be applied to the file. Possible values are watermark, acs4 or none
  <drm_id> If empty, the publication will be protected by watermark. If protection is required in ACS4, the format, in capital letters, and the ISBN must be documented here. Eg. PDF9782020348898
  <excerpt> Value set on 1 indicates that the publication is an abstract from another publication
  <provide_excerpt> Set value to 1 to publish an excerpt that can be downloaded for free
  <back_cover> If set to 1, the last page of the PDF file will be extracted as a back cover.
  <comments> Comments linked to this particular format.
      <country> Sale price valid only for this country. Possible value: Format ISO-3166-3 (can, fra, usa, ita, pol, ...)
      <currency> Currency in ISO 4217 format (EUR, CAD, USD)
      <amount> Cost in cents. Example: 1999 = 19.99