5. Publication Section

Clicking on the Publications tab leads you to an overview of all your publications.

The difference between 'Offline' and 'Online'


When a publication is offline, no data linked to the publication is getting out of the warehouse.


When a publication is online, the metadata linked to that publication is sent to the points of sales with which you have signed an agreement through the "Market" section.

Even if a publication is not on sale, if it has been attributed a paper ISBN, it will be available for browsing on booksellers sites.

The difference between "Date of creation" and "Last update"

Date of creation:

The date when you imported the publication into the warehouse.

Last update:

The date that corresponds to the last update you made to the publication's information.


5.1. Publications / Overview

A summary of the data relating your publication. You can click on the elements to perform updates.

Note : If you upload a PDF file, the first page of your file is automatically extracted as a graphic image, and is supplied to the bookstores for use as a cover page. See the Media section, if you want to add another cover or if you are only importing an ePub.