Statistics Section

You have access to various detailed statistics for your publications. The sales statistics are compiled in real time.

Readings Report: Browsing Statistics

Summary: Overview of the following two sections

  • Readings by publication: You can view the number of readings (browsing) by publication (number of readings, number of browsed pages, time spent browsing)
  • Readings by origin: You can view the number of readings (browsing) by origin (bookstores or other sites with inward browsing links).
  • Direct access: All accesses of which the origin cannot be determined.

Excerpts Report: Statistics on PDF excerpt downloads

  • Summary: Summary of PDF excerpt downloads.

Sales report: Sales statistics

  • Summary: Access overviews by period.
  • Sales by publication: View sales statistics by publication (number of sales and associated income).
  • Sales by bookstore: View sales statistics by bookstore (number of sales achieved by each one and associated income).