6.1. Market

You can access the list of bookstores connected to the platform in the Market section.

Note : You can negotiate an agreement other than that which was proposed to the bookseller. This new agreement will prevail, but you will need to advise us. You can add comments.

6.2. Restriction

At any time, you can restrict the sale of a publication to a specific market.

For example, if you wish to withdraw a specific publication from a bookseller over an issue of resale rights, the bookseller will continue to receive your publications with the exception of the one you withdrew from the offer.



6.3. External partners

Management of the availability of your publications via external partners (Apple, Kobo, Blio, and so on) is dealt with in the Market section of the publication reference table. These sections are only activated in your account if you have signed the requisite agreements. Refer to this Help Section for assistance in distributing your publications via external partners.