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1Analyze errors

2Monitor sales

3Visualize profits


 Discover the Dashboard

puce.jpg Identify errors

puce.jpg Correct errors



puce.jpg Discover the Statistics Section


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1. Analyze errors

2. Monitor sales

3. Visualize profits

Discover the Dashboard

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The dashboard summarizes the status of your catalog through different external partners.

  • On sale: Official status returned by the partner. N/A: The partner does not offer verification services for the status of publications.
  • Sent successfully: No errors occurred while sending. This does not necessarily mean the publication is on sale. This depends on the processing time for each partner.
  • Sent with warning: Errors were detected while sending. 
  • Validated, not sent: Validation is complete but the files have not been sent.
  • Invalid files: Errors were detected in the files.
  • Invalid metadata: One (or more) pieces of metadata are not correct.
  • Closed countries: Files unauthorized in some countries. 

Identify Errors

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Click on a figure. The list of publications with errors will appear.

Click on a publication, then go to the module for the relevant partner, such as Market / Apple iBookstore.

File noncompliance errors are displayed in the Event History tab.


Correct errors

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Here are some examples of recurring errors and their corresponding solutions.


Missing dates 
You need to specify either a preorder date or a sales availability date. 



Enter a date of availability and/or preordering in the Metadata / Sales section under Availability tab.

Images greater than two millions pixels 
The following images contain more than two million pixels


1. Take the ePub file and replace the file of the image indicated with a diffrent one containing an image smaller than two millions de pixels.

2. Replace the previous ePub file with a new one, in the Metatdata / Formats section, under the ePub tab.

Bisac or CLIL classification required 
You need to specify a classification for one of these categories.


Add at least a BISAC classification in the Metadata / Classifications section, under the BISAC tab. 

Invalid identifier
Your ePub file must have an ISBN or an EAN.



The publication has been added with an internal key number. Replace this number with a valid ISBN, intht Metadata / Formats section, under the ePub tab.




1. Analyze Errors

2. Monitor Sales

3. Visualize Profits

Discover the Statistiques Section

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You have access to several detailed statistics about your publications. Sales statistics are compiled in real time.

Readings Report: Flipbook Statistics

  • Summary: Summary of the two following sections.
  • Readings by publication: View readings (flipbooks) by publication (number of reading sessions, number of pages browsed, time used for browsing).
  • Readings by origin: View readings (flipbooks) by origin (bookstores or other sites with a link to the flipbook file).
  • Direct access: Any type of access of an unknown origin.

Extract Report: Statistics About PDF Extract Downloads

  • Summary: Summary of PDF extract downloads.

Sales Report: Sales Statistics

  • Summary: See a general overview for the period.

  • Sales by publication: Get sales statistics by publication (number of sales and related revenue).

  • Sales by bookstore: Get sales statistics by bookstore (number of sales completed by each and related revenue).

1. Analyze Errors

2. Monitor Saless

3. Visualize Profits

Discover the Accounting Section

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All the information necessary for invoicing bookstores is available under the Billing tab.

You have access to transaction reports, updated in real time, under the Transactions tab.